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My name is Dominik Bari, and I come from Eastern Slovakia. Since childhood, I've been devoted to audiovisual creation (documentaries, feature films, music videos, advertisements, reports), spanning from the initial concept through scripting, filming, editing, sound, and all the way to final post-production. Even during my time at high school, I managed to garner nationwide and international awards for some of my projects and worked for various television stations. After completing high school, I moved to France, where I began studying at the International Film & Television School of Paris, specializing in cinematography and film editing. Alongside my studies, I worked for different production companies and advertising agencies in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, France, and the USA. Following my bachelor's degree studies, I relocated to London, where I completed a master's degree at the prestigious National Film and Television School (NFTS), focusing on visual film effects and post-production.

As a director, I've collaborated with national broadcasters such as RTVS and ČT, as well as international networks including HBO, BBC, and National Geographic. I actively engage with various film schools, nonprofit organizations, film festivals, and the United Nations.

I am the recipient of numerous film and societal awards. In 2019, I became the first Slovak qualified for an Oscar in the documentary category for my film "Oymyakon," which was watched by nearly 1 million viewers on television in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and was supported by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. In 2020, I was part of two teams shortlisted for the British Film and Television Academy award (BAFTA). Forbes magazine selected me as one of the 30 most successful Slovaks under 30 years of age.

Currently, I lead my own film distribution company, Artemis Distribution, specializing in acquiring films from the USA and showcasing them in Central Europe. I also own the production company Invem, focused on creating advertising spots and real estate videos, as well as CinemaStore, a distributor of film projectors. In addition, I remain actively involved in film direction, production, and post-production in my own studio.

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